Sunday, June 5, 2011


"First comes thought; then organization of that thought, into ideas and plans; then transformation of those plans into reality. The beginning, as you will observe, is in your imagination." Napoleon Hill
That is a very interesting process to say the least!  Have you ever thought about what your reality is?  Have you ever taken the time to realize that you do create your own reality?  Have you even considered that you are a magnificent creator?  We can go on and on with the “have you” observations, but we really need to concentrate on one simple fact for a moment, that we truly are the creators of our own reality.
Stop and think for one moment that through your thought process and belief system, you are actually creating on a daily basis the reality that you are experiencing.  Especially so, if you are experiencing that which you really are not wanting to experience.  We call that type of experience “contrast”.  We have come to know “contrast as merely a desire indicator”.  In other words, when you experience that which you do not like, the Law of Attraction is merely bringing into your reality the opportunity for you to refocus on that which you truly do desire.  This is why we say that there really is no negative experiences to be experienced, as the negative situations are merely helping you refocus and determine what it is you do desire, what desire you are trying to create but for whatever reason lost your focus.  We seem to have come to a creative process where we have mastered creating situations that are full of contrast and don really care to be experiencing.  So if we have come to master that aspect of creating and filling our reality with that which we really don’t care to experience, then just how come we have not mastered creating our true heartfelt desires?  That is a great question!  There are a multitude of answers.  However, the one we like the most as it resonates the best with us is because we have been conditioned to create this way!  We have been taught to create this way!  As told in “The Secret”, as individuals came to understand The Law Of Attraction, the wanted to keep it to themselves, a small group with misguided thoughts and motives.  They did not want to share this great gift that is there for all to not only enjoy but live their life by each and every day they are within the wonderful physical plane.  Why you ask?  That answer is quite simple, “FEAR”.  Fear is a powerful motivator of mankind.  Look around you each day and see how many times you are bombarded with some fear based thought to get you to think, respond and live your life a certain way.  It is all around us, listen to the news, read the newspaper or simply turn on your TV and you will see that fear is thrown in our face hour by hour!  Basically, those that knew of this powerful Law of Attraction wanted o keep and hold it for themselves, because if everyone knew of this magnificent power, then perhaps there will not be enough to go around or perhaps the power itself would not be so great!  Remember, information itself is held as a great power source within our society!  That is evidenced each and every day, just look around and listen!  Now that we realize that fear plays a large role in our ability to be “Contrast Creators”, perhaps we can see fear for what it really is: False Evidence Appearing Real, and take the steps to become deliberate creators and create our desires to experience, manifest our desires to experience, live our life the way we intended to live it!
Sounds easy because it is easy!  Remember you are a creator being.  Every religion, every dogma, every spiritual based thought process tells us that we are creator beings.  Knowing that knowledge should lend you a hand in becoming the magnificent creator you are within this physical plane!  Begin to feel your own self power and as you do you will feel it empower you making you realize that you are a self empowered creator, one that can and will create the reality that you not only desire but yes deserve!  That is huge!  We do deserve to experience that which we desire.  Every being walking on this planet deserves to experience their heartfelt desire and we all need to develop that perspective!  Once we do this, we can then begin to develop a true and loving relationship with ourselves and then and only then can we begin to dive into our pool of desires and not just know the vastness of that pool but can now begin to feel that pool and understand through feeling that which we want to create, manifest and experience!  We each have wonderful desire pools and each of us deserve to create from that pool rather then  create the contrast to help us only to realize that we need to focus on that pool!  Become a self empowered individual and you too will become a self empowered creator that can and will become a true creator of your true reality, a reality that reflects who you truly are as an individual within this physical plane!
Begin to feel your own empowerment and you too will begin to feel yourself create the reality you both desire and deserve!  You’ve mastered creating contrast, now give creating desire a try, you will be so glad you did!
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Until then, may you continue to experience all that you desire!
Mary Anne Cipressy and Dave Trippany
ITSC Life Coaches


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