Thursday, June 9, 2011


On the surface, the title of this blog may seem very simplistic, even a bit elementary.  However, it is nothing of the sort!  Stop and think for just one moment about your own desires.  What is it that you truly desire?  What is it that you truly want to create and experience?  Are you thinking?  I’m sure you are, but that is most likely because you were asked that specific question.  You see, unless  specifically asked you probably do not take the time to even reflect on what it is that you desire let alone even know how to truly find that which you desire!
Most individuals never take the time to really explore what their true heartfelt desires are let alone finding them so they can create them!  We will answer the question, what is a true heartfelt desire?  It is simply a desire that is a true and accurate reflection of who you are as an individual.  In other words, the creation  and experience of a true heartfelt desire is a true and accurate portrayal of the internal you, the real you.  And when you experience this type of desire, you experience a feeling of completeness and internal joy that can only be felt when the desire is true and heartfelt. When you create something that is not a true and heartfelt desire you do not have that feeling of completeness, you may perhaps feel a void internally that you were hoping the creation would fill, but did not.  You may feel that disappointing feeling, empty feeling, perhaps even hopelessness.  Those feelings are all due to you not creating a heartfelt desire.  Nearly all of those created desires are created from the ego, and this is done by creating from the external to try and fill a void internally.  This type of creating  will never fill the void you feel.  You fill that void by first and foremost getting to know the real you.  While doing that you begin to chip away at that empty hollow feeling.  You are creating a relationship between the physical and non physical being that you are and in doing so you are becoming “united in acceptance” as you no longer see yourself as two separate beings, physical and non physical, but rather see and feel yourself as one whole complete being that has two aspects but they operate as one.  It is like your TV, it has a picture and it has sound, while yes they can operate separately, they are at their best when they work together,  picture and sound.  When one or the other is out, how frustrated do you get?  Well it is the same when you live your life from the standpoint that you are two separate beings and try to live life from that aspect.  You create confusion, frustration and undoubtedly will create contrast to get you to focus on being “united in acceptance”.  When you begin your process here, you are beginning the process of finding your desires, your true heartfelt desires!  All desires that are true and heartfelt will all have the same aspects, they will have a good feeling associated with them, they will be a true reflection of who you really are as a being “united in acceptance” and they will offer you internal joy, happiness and peace that will not come from a desire created from your ego mind.  Stop and take a quick minute to reflect on your journey thus far, and think about the desires that you created that were truly fulfilling and those that were less than pleasing to you.  You will be able to feel the difference and in feeling the difference you will begin to understand how and where you find your desires, the desires that sincerely are a reflection of the real you, desires that you came forth to create, manifest and experience on your journey.  The desires that fulfill rather than deplete your happiness.  There is a difference.  When creating from the ego rather than the real self, you will notice the amount of contrast is greater and increases in severity as the so called desire unfolds.  However, when creating true heartfelt desires, the opposite is true.  While there may be some contrast, it is usually on the level of preference (not that severe) and the process has a flow to it that is as pleasing as the manifestation and experience of that very desire!  You will feel the difference, you will experience the difference!

Get to know the real you, begin to love the real you and bring forth the real you into this physical reality, all the while living life from the standpoint of being “united in acceptance” and you will begin that fun process of not just finding your desires, your true heartfelt desires, but you will most certainly begin to create, manifest and experience those very desires!  Life your life as you intended to live it prior to coming into this physical reality, live your life deliberately, live your life within the concept of being “united in acceptance” and you will never have to look and search too far for your desires, your true heartfelt desires as they will always be known to you.  You will just have to feel your way to them and you will every time, no exceptions!
To learn more about “How To Find Your Desires” be sure to tune into the ITSC Blog Talk Radio show this Friday, 4PM eastern time at as Mary Anne and David dialog on this very topic!  Join them and become a the true creative being that you came forth to be within this physical plane!  Live life the way you intended to live it, a life that will be a true reflection of who you really are, a being that is “united in acceptance”!
Until next time, may you continue to experience all that you desire!
Mary Anne Cipressy and David Trippany
ITSC Life Coaches

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