Monday, May 9, 2011

Are your Beliefs Limiting?

Have you thought about what it is that you believe? Beliefs are the foundation of where we create our lives from. A belief is a chronic and persistent thought that we have held onto over the course of time. We have thought it so many times that it has become a belief. 

A belief can be and often are limiting. This means that if you are not willing to shift, expand or change a belief you are limiting yourself to the possibilities that life can have for you. What you believe yourself to be is what you will be and what you are. This belief effects your perception and perspective on who you say you are. 

If you believe yourself to be something other than who you really are, then that belief is limiting you in your ability to not only be who you are but to experience yourself as a whole and complete being. 

Do you believe that you are not good enough, smart enough, pretty enough? That there is not enough "stuff" to go around? That there is not enough "time", not enough "food", not enough of______ you fill in the blank. These are all limiting beliefs that stem from a core belief that there is something "lacking". There is something "lacking" in you, your life and in the world as a whole.

If when you pay your bills you think or are worried, concerned that you will not or do not have enough money to do so, then this is an indicator that you have a belief that there is only so much money to go around and you do not have enough. This is a limiting belief that is keeping you from being able to have more of what you want.How can you possibly manifest more money when you believe that you do not have enough in the first can't happen.

Limiting beliefs will block you so to speak from manifesting a desire. How can you possibly loose weight when you believe yourself to be fat, see yourself as fat and feel fat. It can't happen.

Here is a little exercise you can do to help you identify your limiting beliefs.
1. Write down a heartfelt desire you have that has not manifested yet.
2. Write down your thoughts in relation to this desire.
3. Write down how those thoughts make you feel
4. From what you wrote in 1-3 what does that tell you that you are believing about the desire. 

You can do this for any desire. In our next post we will talk about how to shift and expand ones beliefs... but until then you can work on exploring your beliefs and identify those that you feel are limiting you from being who you really are and having your desires manifest.    

Mary Anne Cipressy
David Trippany
ITSC Coaching

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