Thursday, May 19, 2011


 “Logic is a systematic method of coming to the wrong conclusion with confidence”.  Now there is a real thought provoking statement if we have ever heard one.  While it is thought provoking it is most certainly one of the most true statements we have heard as well.  To properly create our journeys however, we must look beyond logic to be as successful as we would like to be.
Societal conditioning plays a large role when it comes to creating through logic.  It happens each and every day.  Read the newspaper, listen to the radio or simply just turn on your television and you will be conditioned by society without ever realizing it is taking place.  It happens through advertising as well as happening through the news being presented to you via any of the mentioned vehicles.  You are offered perspectives on each of those subjects, a perspective which is viewed as acceptable societal perspectives.  Most of us adopt the perspective that is offered as it is easy to do so.  I heard it on the radio, therefore it must be true.  I saw it on the television, therefore it must be true.  I read it in the newspaper, therefore it must be true.  Each of us falls victim to it as we all have been conditioned at some point in our early life that if information is put across to us via the media in whatever form there has to be some truth to it.  Otherwise it is slanderous and the provider of the information will suffer ugly consequences for putting forth lies.  This is only true in the perfect world as we know behind all information presented to us, there are only a few truths.  One of which is societal conditioning, as the powers that be want us to think a certain way for whatever reasoning they have at that moment.  Another is for pure profit.  How many times have you seen something work simply fantastic on TV only to go out and buy the item to suffer disappointment, not mention being feeling as though you wasted your money.  You see, logic plays directly into these scenarios.   
 As it is our logical mind that is telling us that it must be true otherwise the provider of the information just wouldn’t be saying it!  Go back to the beginning of this paragraph and re-read it to fully understand the concept we are talking about here.  Further, think back to when the information was first presented to you via any of the formats discussed.  Really think back to that exact time.  Now that you have that time fully resurrected within your memory bank, now think back to what your “gut” was telling you then.  Be honest!  We are sure you will remember feeling something such as this: “that information just isn’t feeling as those it is really accurate”, “my gut is telling me that the product being offered will not give me the results that are being shown”, “yea right, that course will not make me a millionaire over night”.  But we allow our logical mind to override our gut most of the time.  Why you ask, mostly because we view the information that we are hearing or seeing as a way to make our life easier in some form or fashion, therefore it must be truthful.  All the while our “gut” is telling us otherwise.  
 We have been taught to listen to our logical mind rather than our “gut instincts” as we are taught to live life from the standpoint that we are not individuals.  Living life from the “individual” standpoint makes us greedy, unkind and worse yet very uncaring towards our fellow man.  Think about this for a moment, let your “gut” do your thinking and not your logical mind!  What is your “gut” telling you now?  What is your “gut” allowing you to feel?  Perhaps it is now time to begin to feel your own power, to self-empower yourself within your journey to begin to live the life you came forth to experience, and experience in the manner in which you want to experience it and not how someone else tells you that you should be experiencing it.  Remember, only you can create your journey, no one else can do it for you, only you! 
With that in mind, give some real thought to the opening statement” “Logic is a systematic method of coming to the wrong conclusion with confidence”.  Feel different now doesn’t it?!  Interesting when you begin living life through a self empowered perspective, now isn’t it?!!!
Bring your new self empowered perspective with you as you learn more about “Looking Beyond Logic” Friday on Blog Talk Radio when Mary Anne and Dave dialog on this very topic!  Go to and listen in or join in the dialog.  Friday, May 20, 2011 from 4pm to 5pm est.  Build upon your newly form perspective, bringing forth the real you and begin to create and manifest that which you truly desire!  We look forward to dialoging with you!
Until then, enjoy your new found self empowering new perspective and truly begin to experience all that you desire!  Remember, it is only you that can create for you, no one else, only you!
Mary Anne Cipressy and Dave Trippany
ITSC Life Coaches

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