Monday, May 23, 2011

Creating With Intent

 There is a common misunderstanding as to what Creating with Intent really means. Creating with intent is not the same as creating an intention to be/do/have something. When you use an intention statement, in the form of a positive affirmation, to create an intention you will often see it formed like this.... "I intend to experience prosperity and abundance in my life" or you might see "I intend that my business is flourishing and income is flowing freely". Another way it is common to use these statements is to say...."It is my intention to let go of fear with ease and grace". When you use these types of statements you are creating an intention. This puts what it is you desire to manifest into the future. Energetically, it puts your manifestation into some future point of time. These types of statements are not definitive statements. Why would you intend to manifest something? Why not just manifest it?

Creating with intent however is creating with focus, attention as in the word intensity. It is creating with intensity, the intensity of your focus, attention....your energy.  This brings your energy into the present moment. The Law of Attraction responds to your energy, what you are feeling. The stronger the intensity of your desire, the larger the manifestation of that desire.

When you create with intent, you have a vision, you can feel that vision. You focus your energy, your thoughts on how that vision feels. When you hold onto this you can actually feel the energy grow and expand.

All things are created energetically long before they ever manifest.If you want to manifest something do not intend to do so but do so with intent, with the intensity of your energy and let that energy grow and expand.  

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