Friday, May 13, 2011

Uncovering The Real Secret

By now everyone has heard of “The Secret” and most know it as this: just think of something that you want, put your focus on “that” and viola “that” very item will at some point within the near future will miraculously appear into your reality!  That is what some folks actually get out of watching the movie “The Secret”.  Much to their dismay, whatever “that” was that they were seeking doesn’t appear into their reality and they are left fretting and telling everyone that “The Secret” is a load of hogwash and doesn’t work.  It didn’t work for them and couldn’t possibly work for anyone else as they paid attention to the movie and followed the instructions exactly as they were laid out!  Anyone that says it works is either lying or were born rich!  This is what we call the wonderful misconception with regards to “The Secret”.
When one truly uncovers the real information with regards to “The Secret” they begin to understand that it really has nothing to do with what you merely think about during the hours of your day you are awake!  It goes far beyond that concept, but truly is just that easy!  We think that is the hard part that makes understanding “The Secret” so difficult for so many individuals.  It really is that easy. 
First we must realize that we are all creator beings.  You have to understand that basic information before you can search and learn any farther.  You are within the physical plane to create the journey you are on.   However you come to understand this concept (with God’s help, Allah’s help, any form of Spiritual thought process you may subscribe to) you can then dive further into understanding this wonderful “Law of Attraction”.  As most realize, by this point in time, “The Secret IS The Law of Attraction”.  We mention that here, just in case you didn’t know that already.   Further, most do know, but not all, that “The Law of Attraction” simple dictates that “Like IS Attracted To Like”.  Now that we have those two details out of the way, let us continue to reveal “The Real Secret Behind The Secret”.
Just merely “thinking” something into your existence will not bring whatever it is you are trying to manifest into existence.  We know most of you are by now saying, “well why not!”.  Good question that we will answer for you right now.  Because “The Secret or rather The Law of Attraction” does not respond to your thoughts!  It fully responds to “How You Feel”.  That is the realness behind “The Law of Attraction”.  You see, it doesn’t matter what you think.  How many times have you tried to “think” yourself into a better mood, either through mere thoughts or by saying a positive affirmation over and over and over.  And to no end, your mood really doesn’t get any better.  That is because each time you say that thought to yourself, nothing really improves and you tell yourself that this stuff doesn’t work , which makes you feel even worse!  But that is when you should have your “A-HA Moment” as there is your proof that it is working.  “The Law of Attraction” is absolutely working as it is responding to how you feel, which is miserable!  Remember, “like attracts like”. That is “The Real Secret”, “The Law of Attraction” responds to “HOW YOU FEEL – NOT WHAT YOU THINK”!  What an amazing piece of information!  Now that you are beginning to understand the reality behind “The Law of Attraction” what do you do with this new information to make your journey a reflection of your desires.  Yet another good question!  What we generally help people do is recognize when they have to shift their perspective on something.  As it is usually a wrong perspective on something that really is making you feel lousy.  By addressing that issue, your perspective, you can now begin to make yourself feel better, or as we like to say begin to raise your vibrations into the higher end of the spectrum.  Ask us for our “Determine Your Vibrational Range Sheet” to really help you with this aspect. 
So there you have it, “The Secret Behind The Secret”!  Your feelings are your “Operating System” or as we like to refer to them, “The Language of Self”.  It really is your communications system between your “physical Self” (what you see in the mirror) and your “Non-Physical Self” (the aspect you feel of yourself).  Your feelings are your powerful tools to create with “The Law of Attraction”.  Your feelings are your guidance points to create the life that you desire!  Your feelings are your creative tools when it comes to “The Law of Attraction”.  Begin to pay attention to your feelings, listen to your gut and did we mention, “PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR FEELINGS” and you will begin to live the life you desire rather than live the life you dread!  Take a quick minute and think about all this, what do you have to lose…….except perhaps a life that you really aren’t too fond of at this point!
To learn more about “The Real Secret” join us on Friday for our Blog Talk Radio Show, where we will dialog in depth about this very topic!  Join us at    You can just listen in or join the show either through our chat room or by phoning into the show!  Begin to deliberately create the life you are seeking, begin to experience your desires rather than just wishing you were!  Come and learn about “The Law of Attraction”, so you too can be the one that everyone just looks at and wishes they were you!
Mary Anne Cipressy and Dave Trippany
ITSC Life Coaches

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