Thursday, June 10, 2010

Manifesting with Intent: The Four A's

When one decides they want to bring some changes into their life, this is a perfect opportunity to manifest with intent. Rather than repeat old patterns and habits one can realize their dreams by remembering the four A's of Manifesting with Intent.

First and foremost one needs to identify their desires. This may take some reflection if you do not know what it is that you want. We define desire as a heartfelt expression of who one really is.  What is that you wish to be, do and have. What do wish to experience that is a reflection of who you are. So many of us are very good at knowing what we do not want. We can identify them with no problem. This brings us to the four A's of Manifesting with Intent.

The first A is Attention. Where are you placing your attention? What are you focusing on? To manifest with intent you need to place your attention on your desires, that which it is that you want. If you place your attention onto that which you do not want, you will get more of what you do not want. Ask yourself what is knowing what I do not want telling me about what I do want? This will help you identify what you do want. Once you determine what you do want, that is where you place your focus and attention. Where focus goes, energy flows.

The next A is Alignment. This means that your thoughts and feelings must be in align with what you want. You can't want more money if you are thinking and feeling that you are broke and poor. To align with that which you want you may need to shift your perspective to see the limitless possibilities that exist. When you shift your perspective you adopt a new belief about yourself and what you desire. You replace old beliefs for new ones that reflect how your desires feels to you.

Allowing is the next A. This means to be open in heart and mind to new beliefs, thoughts, feeling and experiences. This means being open to limitless opportunities and experiences. It means being open to the "new" that comes you way. It means asking yourself am I ready to receive that which I want in any form that it may take? Thoughts and beliefs can be limiting but when you are in a sate of allowing you are ready to receive the limitless possible ways your desire could manifest. We often think we have to know how something will manifest and if we do not know we seek the answer are come up with one for ourselves. This is limiting for we do not always know the limitless possibilities that exist.

The final A is Action. This is where you following your inspired thoughts, your gut instincts and your feelings ( that which you sense is the right thing to do, it feels good and right to you.) This perhaps can be difficult at times cause some like to second guess themselves. You might be inspired to do something, then because your attention is placed not on the inspired thought but on all the "buts" or the "why nots" , you move out of being aligned with what the inspired thought represents and you are not allowing the inspiried thought to take form because your attention and focus is elsewhere...can you see where this can become a cycle, a pattern, a habit? When you have an gut instinct or an inspired thought follow and see where it leads. You will not always know how this fits in with your desire but in time it will be known.

Above all have fun with this. 
Be easy with this. 
As it has been said many times by so many just go with the flow.

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