Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Things to Remember About the Law of Attraction

There are something’s about the Law of Attraction
you will want to be mindful about
when you are creating and manifesting with intent.

• First and foremost you do not “USE” the Law of Attraction to manifest what you want and then just turn it off until the next time you want to “USE” it. The LOA is always working so if you are turning it on and off or using it for something’s and not other things, what you are actually doing is manifesting with intent sometimes but not other times. The LOA is the mechanism so to speak of how something manifests. Be it a material item, an experience or something more esoterically in nature such as success, love, joy, health or happiness. The LOA is “HOW” these things manifest not the why.
• You do not attract things to you. You attract things because of you. The LOA operates at the level of vibrations. It responds to the vibrations you are sending whether intently or not. Everything has a vibration including thoughts, words, feelings, emotions, actions and beliefs. The LOA reflects back manifestations that are a match to the vibrations you send. These manifestations can and do take any form. They are the “what is” that is showing up in your life. We all have a range of vibrations and that is why so many different manifestations show up in our lives. Your emotions are how you know what vibrations you are sending. You can request our free Determine Your Vibrational Range sheet by Clicking Here
• What you desire does not exist outside of yourself. You are not separate from anything that you desire. If you see that what you want is out there in the Universe somewhere and all you have to do is attract it to you like a magnet then you are seeing what you want as something outside of yourself. What you desire, anything that you can think of can be found by looking within. This is where you place your focus and attention.
• If you want to change your external world you must first change your internal world. Your external world, your reality is a reflection of what is going on inside of you. It is a reflection of your beliefs, your thoughts, your choices, your feelings, your emotions and you actions. Often we look at the outside world and those in it to give us validation of our self-worth or a confirmation of acceptance from others that you are liked or loved. All these things and so much more reside with in you.

Everything begins with you.
It is you that is creating and manifesting and experiencing.
You need to be mindful that the LOA is responding to you
and you can have it respond intentionally.

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