Thursday, June 24, 2010

How Beliefs Can Affect your Life Part 2

Many of us are not always aware of our beliefs or may not even recognize that we do have a belief about something. We just do not take the time to think about it. To help you with this on a piece of paper write down your beliefs about these common areas of life: marriage, religion, money, health, work. You can add to this list as you so desire but this will get you stated.

As we discussed earlier most beliefs stem from a belief in lack of something or the separation of you from everything else that exists. To help you identify if your beliefs stem from with of these two core beliefs lets examine some common beliefs and trace it back. A belief about money that stems from a belief in lack may show up as “Money is the root of all evil” or “I don’t want to be rich because it ruins people lives”. You may have these beliefs because you have seen this happen to others and do not want it to happen to you. Now if you are struggling to pay your bills and desire money so that you can pay your bills can you see where these types of beliefs will limit your ability to manifest the money you desire? You are holding back what you could be manifesting because you do not want to be rich as you define it. The reason this stems from a belief in lack is because you believe you lack enough money to pay your bills. So on hand you believe you do not have enough money and on the other you desire money but then say “no” to it due to your beliefs. What other things in your life do you see as not having enough of? Happiness? Love? Opportunities? Do you have feelings that you are trapped? That would be due to belief that you have no or few opportunities, few options, and few choices. That there is lack of these things, that there is a limit.

A core belief in based in separation would show up in things like blame, control issues and mistrust. How many times have you said “He/She made me so angry” He/She made me sad. Anytime you see another as the source of your emotions it is because you see yourself as separate from them. You experience your own emotions, they are yours and no one can cause you to feel anything. You are the source of everything in your life. You do not see yourself as a whole complete being and that you are separate from that which you truly are.

Everything you desire resides with in you. It is not out there somewhere and all you have to do is pull it to you. Everything works from the inside to the outside. The Law of Attraction responds to the vibrations that you are sending.
In the last past of this discussion we will pull this all together so that you too will be able to expand and transform your life.

Please feel free to share you thoughts, comments and questions you may have.

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