Monday, June 21, 2010

How Beliefs Can Affect Your Life Part 1

The beliefs we hold about ourselves, others, the world around us and even life itself effects how we view things, how we interact with things including ourselves. A belief is a chronic and persistent thought we have about something. It means we hold onto that thought, get confirmation that the thought/belief is true or not true from the evidence we see, experience or the experience of others in the world around us and incorporate it into our belief system. Some beliefs were taught to us at an early age, some we were conditioned to believe and others we picked up along the way. All the beliefs we have form our belief system which can be broken down into its various components.

Core or fundamental beliefs are those that we have built our life around. Many other beliefs stem from ones core beliefs. These peripheral beliefs all stem from and can be traced back to a core belief. The belief in lack and the belief we are separated from all the many aspects of the Universe including ourselves and each other are examples of a core belief and as such have the biggest impact on your life. Most of our beliefs can be traced back to those 2 beliefs and what you believe about them. It is not whether your belief is either true or not true, if your belief is right or wrong, it is a matter if your belief limits you in creating a desire. It matters if your belief is limiting what you are manifesting. It matters if your belief is blocking you from experiencing what you have created and manifested.

The only time you would need to change a belief is when it is limiting and blocking you from creating, manifesting or experiencing something you desire. A belief is only true or not true because you have determined it to be such. You have determined that the belief is either right or wrong. As beliefs are just an intense form of thought, they too have a vibration attached to them that the Law of Attraction responds to. Changing a belief is more then just thinking a new thought over and over again although that is part of it. You have to come to the realization that the belief you once held is no longer true or not true for you and replace it with one that is true for you.

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