Sunday, June 20, 2010

Tips for Manifesting with Intent

• Manifestations are your creations in form, your thoughts, your beliefs, your emotions in form. They are a reflection of you and what is going on inside of you.
• You are always manifesting something. This you can not turn off. Everything, every experience and all the “stuff” in your life you have manifested.
• You determine if the manifestations you have right now in this moment are what you desire or not. Ask yourself, is this pleasing to me? Do I prefer something else. Write down those things that are not pleasing or that you would prefer something else. On a separate sheet write down the ones that are pleasing and if you desire to experience more of them or not.
• Of the 2 sheets which one are you focusing, paying attention to more often? Meaning as you go through your days what are you thinking about, talking about more? This will help you see where you are putting your energies towards.
• Ask yourself, what am I acting on, what thoughts and beliefs are the basis for my actions?
• Take time to reflect on these questions and your answers.
• Ask yourself what thoughts am I having that are limiting or blocking me?
• Sometimes identifying blocks and limits can be tricky to indentify. You must be open and honest with yourself when asking these questions and in the answers you obtain. You will get your answer but sometimes it take time to appear.
• Journaling is a powerful tool. It helps you visually grasp an enhanced understanding of yourself.
• You know your thoughts, beliefs and emotions are in alignment with your desire as it will begin to take form.
• You know your thoughts, beliefs and emotions are not in alignment when something other than what you desire shows up.
• When something other than what you desire shows up it is a reminder, an indicator to tweak your thoughts, beliefs and emotions. This type of experience serves you in that way so you can redefine, strengthen, refocus or expand upon your desire.
• You can only do this for you. You can not manifest something for somebody else.

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