Monday, June 28, 2010

How Fast Will My “Stuff” Show Up

One of the most frequently asked question we have come upon is “How long is it going to take for my stuff to show up?” The most common answer to this is often, “As fast as you can line up with what you want, then it show up.” That is neither a very satisfying answer nor a complete one, from our perspective. This type of answer tends to lead one in a direction away from their desire as they begin to question and doubt what they are doing. In the moment you question and doubt you have moved yourself away vibrationally and emotionally from your desire. 

The most prevalent understanding of how the manifesting process works is that once one is all lined up with their desire, they are visualizing it, thinking positive about it, put it on their vision board, doing their gratitude journal about it, then “poof” there it is…my stuff has manifested. If that was all there is to the story then we would be lottery winners by now, our dream car would be in the driveway and we would be living in our dream home wouldn’t we? Then to make matters worse, we are told they reason those things have not happened is because we are not lined up with it. We are told that the only reason things are not showing up is because of this non alignment. All this leads you and your thinking in a direction away from what it is you want and once that happens of course your stuff is not showing up. So let’s put the breaks on this run away train here and collect our thoughts for a minute. 

Let’s look at some of the factors that influence how fast our desires manifest. 

• Sometimes we think we are all lined up but there maybe some underlying core belief limiting or blocking the manifestation. You may have shifted some on this belief but need to continue to shift.
• Sometimes you think you have a desire but that desire is reflective of your ego and not a heart felt desire.
• Your desire may involve co-creating with others. They have to align with what they want in order for both to manifest their desires. There is a synchronicity and timing involved.
• You may be too attached to the specifics of your desire so much so that you do not realize that the desire has manifested.
• You have not clearly defined your desire enough.
• Action steps are a process.
• Your manifestation may be in progress but you do not realize it. 

It is important to remember that the “how fast” is not important. That is not where your focus and attention needs to be. We will be discussing this on our blogtalkradio show. To hear the show please Click here

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