Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Balance In Your Life

Many may say that you can not balance your life. Many say that this is just not possible because there are just too many aspects of our lives that are ever changing. Our goals and desires are in a constant state of flux. When one goal is achieved or one desire has manifested it is replaced by many more. Change is happening all the time. However there is balance that already exists despite the ever changing environment of our lives.

Balance does not exist in your external world but it does exist in your internal world. What we mean by this is that if you are looking at all that goes on around you and you are trying to achieve balance from that perspective you will most like feel very frustrated. Where the balance does exist is in being centered in self. It is in your perspective as to how you view what is occurring in your life. It exists in your approach to things.

When you are balanced within yourself, when you are in harmony with yourself then your life, your external world will be balanced despite any apparent chaos that may be occurring. The chaos, the multitude of tasks we all face in our day to day lives, the goals and desires we all have are a reflection of what we are creating. How we perceive this, how we emotionally react is a reflection of where we are at in relation to being self centered.

So what does it mean to be centered in self? This means that you view your self as a whole complete being comprised of body, mind and spirit. This means that you are united in acceptance with yourself. This means you are in harmony with yourself. This means your perspective is clear and not clouded by fear based emotions and beliefs. To be centered in self is your natural state. From there it becomes a matter of are you experiencing it or not. Being centered in self is not to be achieved, it is to be experienced. The same is said of balance in your life.
If you are trying to juggle all the aspects of your life along with your goals and desires, if you are trying to focus on many things all at the same time, you are more than likely not experiencing balance and being centered in self. You are looking at all those things and trying to control and achieve rather than allow them to come to you. The balance is not in the juggling. In fact you do not have to juggle at all.

The key to experiencing balance in your life and to be centered in self is to have a balanced perspective, a balanced approach where you are experiencing harmony. To experience this you can not try to change what is happening in your life but change internally as to how to view what is happening, shifting your perspective to one that feels better, changing your focus onto how you feel rather than all that is going on around you. Your perspective shifts to looking inward out to the external world, rather than looking outward and then into your internal world.

You are the source of your own experience of balance in your life. You can allow yourself to experience that balance by letting go of trying to control your external world so that you feel balanced. The minute you try to control anything but yourself, you are not centered in self and therefore will not experience balance. The feeling of balance does not reside outside of you but within you. You do not need things to be a certain way in order to feel or achieve balance. The feeling of balance is within you and can be experienced when you allow it.

Please share with us your experiences with balance in your life. 

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