Sunday, June 13, 2010

Manifesting with Intent Exercise

Manifesting with Intent

Here is an activity you can do to help you be mindful of what you desire to manifest. 
Law of Attraction Tips
In a journal or notebook......

1. Write down what your desires are.  What are the things you want that reflect joy, happiness and delight to you. What gets you passionate, excited and brings you peace? 

2. Visualize (day dream) about them.
Write down after you are done what you saw, how you felt. You can add pictures that represent how you are feeling.

3. On a separate piece of paper write down any negative or fear based thoughts and beliefs you may be having.

4. On that same piece of paper write down what new beliefs you want to adopt that reflect the joy of your desires.

5. Now go back to your journal and  write your new beliefs. Throw away the separate piece of paper as you no longer need it. 

6. You can repeat this as often as you desire. You can add to it as often as you desire. The notebook becomes a reminder of where to place your focus and attention when you find yourself in need of some trust faith and belief.

Above all have fun with this.

 Dream big, Love big, Enjoy big!

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