Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Anything is Possible by Monica Garcia

Anything is Possible

I believe anything is possible

when you decide to live your life

with passion and purpose

with only Love

at the forefront of your life

releasing yourself from the past

and living only in the present moment

Embracing unwavering faith

and unbreakable hope

knowing failure is not an option

and giving up is not a choice


You finally reach that point

where your fears lose power over you

and you forge ahead anyway

keeping your eyes fixed on the

light at the end of the tunnel

knowing your goals clearly and definitely


Believing in your heart and mind

that good awaits you because

you deserve it - it's already yours

Understanding that strength and endurance

are born from deep within you

and they expand effortlessly outward in your life

spilling out and inspiring others

who happen to cross paths with you


Once you decide to use your God given gifts

and abilities for the greater good

to provide something positive 

something of significance and service to others

just to make a difference in the world

Everything changes


Everything falls into place

Doors open magically

and suddenly

the Universe conspires to make your greatest

dreams come true...


Like I said... Anything is possible


Monica Garcia Saenz © 2010


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