Monday, July 26, 2010

Finding The Joy In Life

Here is a question for you. Does one find joy in life or does one create it? Actually it is both. The joy you seek is already present in every moment of every day. Joy is limitless. Joy just is. Joy is everywhere, in everything and of everything. We can allow ourselves to experience it. Joy is energy and because we are energy as well, we are also joy. We can create experiences and expressions of the joy that we are. When we do that, the joy energy expands and we once again can create new expressions and experiences of that which we have become.

When one places their focus on the joy energy, one begins to see the joy expressed and experienced in that moment. You can allow yourself to feel it and in that moment the joy energy expands.

What limits us and blocks us from experiencing the joy energy are our fears, our beliefs about something and our perspective. Take for example a simple thing like washing dishes. If when growing up doing this was one of your chores and you did not like being forced to do this, your beliefs, perspective and thoughts about doing dishes will reflect this. You project your dislike about being forced to do something onto the act of doing dishes. This blocks and or limits you from experiencing the joy in the moment. You carry this with you as you live your life. The act of doing dishes is completely different than being forced to do something you did not want to do.

You can shift all of this once you realize that you associated one thing with another. You can see doing dishes for what it is without it being shaded by a past experience. You adopt a new belief, perspective, thought about doing dishes which reflects more joy than you previously allowed.
This type of experience allows to come to a new understanding of yourself. You have become a new and expanded you. From that new point you can now create, manifest and experience even more joy than you could before.

We are always in the process of finding and creating more joy. It is limitless in its possibilities. Once you are open to the limitless and unlimited possibilities of experiencing joy, you can begin to remove your limits and blocks so as to experience yourself in new ways. How grand is that?

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