Saturday, July 24, 2010

Be Do Have

When one begins to consciously create their life so as to manifest and experience their desires it is important to understand the “Be Do Have” process. No matter what one desires, they must first “be” it, become it, then follow the inspired action steps to “do” it and then and only then will one “have” it.

Everything is created energetically before it ever manifests. You have to become the energetic equivalent of that which you desire first. So to “be” what one desires you have to become of the same vibrations/frequency of that which you desire. One way to do that is to visualize your desires to the point that you allow yourself to feel the joy that this desire will bring you. You feel the joy and happiness before it manifests. You have to come from the place of being the real you. You do not want to become attached to the specifics of what you are visualizing but to the energy, the vibration, the frequency, they feeling of what you are visualizing. To become energetically that which you desire also means one has to remove any outdated beliefs one may have been taught but no longer applies. If you have beliefs that do not feel good to you, do not reflect that which you are and or that which you want they must be replaced with one that does. How you view yourself, others, the world, life itself all affect your ability to become who you really are and the desires that reflect that. If you really love large cars but your thoughts and beliefs are otherwise like large cars are for greedy people, they use too much gas and I can’t afford it. Those thoughts will limit and block you from being, from becoming who you really are. Energetically you are the same as your love for that large car. You are how that feels to you on a vibrational/frequency level. The real you and the feeling are one in the same.

Once this occurs then the “do” becomes rather clear. When your vibrations/frequency reflect the desire, in that space is where you will hear your inspired thoughts, hear what your “gut” is telling you. Where your inspiration resides and where sense of knowing resides. Your actions reflect what you are feeling. What you say reflects your new beliefs. You then need to trust what you are inspired to do. Often we do not do that or we do for awhile then when the results do not happen fast enough we start to question and doubt. We sometimes become distracted and move in another direction with our focus. Where focus goes, energy flows. So you must keep your focus on your desire. Sometimes we will feel inspired to do something but can not see how it will lead to our desire manifesting. There are those who want to know the result before they follow any action steps they may feel inspired to do. There are also those who think they have to come up with the actions from their logical mind. The answers you seek as to how to do what it is you want to do reside with in you. The answers will come to you. You have to hear them, listen to them and follow them where ever they may lead you because ultimately it leads to your desire manifesting.

Manifesting or “having” is a process. You are always manifesting. You always “have” something. Sometimes what you “have” is not what you want. In every moment of every day you are always living your manifestations of what you have already energetically created. The “have” we are talking about here is “having” or manifesting with intent, on purpose, deliberately or consciously. What you desire manifests, unfolds through the course of time so that you can enjoy the journey to get there. It expands in its expression so that you can experience it and live it. The having is a journey to and towards. All along the way you have opportunities to strengthen, tweak, add and expand upon your desires. It is always on ongoing process. You are always being, doing and having. There are unlimited ways in which a desire can manifest in order for to “have” it. Be open to this and do not think you have to figure all that out. You will naturally lead yourself right towards it. Enjoy it as this leads to greater appreciation for all that you do have! That leads to greater manifestations for that which you want. It is all limitless!!!!!

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