Thursday, July 22, 2010

Feeling Stressed?

Stress seems to be one of things we all have experienced at one time or another. Many of us experience it on a daily basis while others only during certain times of our lives. Why is it that some seem to be less effected by stress than others? Why are some people so stressed out daily just from living? One thing is for sure, we all seem to know what it feels like and what effect it has on us. It is such a common experience that it just seems to be the norm if you are living in these modern times. The question is, just because it is common does that mean it is normal? My answer to that is no.

The most common perception and belief about stress is that the cause is some external pressure, that the source of the stress resides outside of your self, that some person, event or experience is the cause of the stress you are experiencing and to relieve the stress you need to change this sometimes unknown external force.

Most stress advice tells you to identify the source of your stress, look at your current coping methods before moving onto how to manage it. Typical management tips revolve around things that alter the experience like avoiding the people, experiences that are your source, cut down your to do list or managing your time better. Ever try to do these things but still feel stress? When you are stressed can you really see the big picture and be appreciative of the things in your life?

The reason why most stress management techniques do not work is because of where you see the stress coming from. Stress is not an external force coming from somebody or some other thing other than YOU. You are the source and as such you create your own stress. Stress is energy. This energy is caused when your thoughts, beliefs and emotions reflect something other than who you really are. So you have 2 different energies running around within and these 2 energies are not harmonious and in conflict with each other. If this continues long enough you get the physical symptoms of stress.

So here is an example of this works. If there is one thing that causes stress it is money matters. Your beliefs, thoughts and emotions that reflect not enough money, fear that there will not be enough money etc have a vibration/energy to them. Your desires to have more money, financial freedom, stability, or wealth also have energy/vibration to them. Those 2 energies are different and not harmonious. So you have the energy of the desires and the energy of beliefs and thoughts about those desires. If they are not harmonious with each other, are not aligned with each other, they then conflict with each other thus producing stress. Thus the physical symptoms you have of stress become indicators of stress. Where in your body you experience the stress indicates what beliefs and thoughts are in conflict with what you desire. As this relates to money, low back issues are an indicator of stress due to money concerns.

In order for any stress management technique you adopt to really work for you, you must get to the energy/ vibrational cause of the stress. You must shift that energy first then apply the techniques. You must change your thoughts, beliefs and perspective first. Ask yourself what is it that I believe about money? Now ask yourself, what is that I want to believe? In your answers can you feel the stress between those 2 thoughts? They feel different do they not? Which one feels better? Which one are you always focusing on? Which one should you focus on? Allow that better feeling to become a part of you. Now again ask yourself what is it that you believe about money?

Stress is not produced by any outside or external person, event or experience but by you. You are the source of your own stress and you are the one that can do something about it. Trying to change the external, the other will not relieve you of your stress. Only when you shift your energies will you get the relief you seek.

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