Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Illusion of Lack

There is a common belief that lack exists in our world. By lack we mean there is not enough of something or it is limited in its quantity. This is evident in the idea that there is a limited supply of just about anything you can think of like food, money, oil, cars etc. Some actually believe that “in order for me to have something then somebody else is going to go without”. As a society we have a whole system set up to count or measure the amount of anything. We then use that system as proof that there is a limited supply. Unless one is willing to see beyond what they see with their actual eyes they may not ever realize there is so much more.
This concept of lack or limitation is not only seen in the material things of our world but also within each individual. Do you think that you do not have patience or strength or love or friendship? Do you think you can only be so happy? If you are experiencing a stressful or trying situation and you feel that you do not have the strength to endure, the patience to cope, then you have a belief that you lack that which you want.

This belief is so predominate within us and society that it could be called a core belief and as such it is ones programming for how they view the world. Some might call this a subconscious belief for while you have this belief you may not be aware of it nor aware of the impact it has on your life. It operates on automatic or so it seems.

We call this an illusion because this belief is based in what one perceives with ones eyes or has come to know through experience but because we are powerful creators, we do not realize we are the ones creating this based on a belief that there is not enough of everything for everybody. It becomes a vicious cycle…you believe in a limit, a reality is created based on that belief and then through the Law of Attraction it is reflected back at you thereby offering proof or a confirmation that your belief is accurate.

We look at war and say we desire peace. We say there is no peace because we have war. Just because we have war does not mean that peace is absent or does not exist. It is there for despite war in one area many more are at peace. Just because we see violence in our society and count how often this occurs does not mean there is no peace for there are so many more living in peace. However we see the war and the violence and make a broad statement that our society is a violent society. This is a limiting perspective based on a set of criteria that is limiting in its scope. It gives us a skewed perspective. As an example if the violent crime rate for a city is 17, that means 17 out of 1,000 people experienced a violent crime. It is weighed based the entire population of that city. Sounds logical, doesn’t it?

What it is really doing is just reflecting back at us our belief that we have a violent society. How you react to this is an indicator as to if you have a belief that there is a lack of peace. How you judge this “fact” is an indicator of you have a belief in lack of peace. We actually have a society where both exist at the same time. It is when we try to quantify the “how much” of each exist that we run into trouble and begin to limit our perspective.

When you adopt the belief that the Universe as well as our world and us as individuals is always expanding it open you up to the limitless, the infiniteness of all that is. It becomes your perspective and effects how you view your world. You no longer rely on your eyes to confirm what you have come to believe. You become aware that all that you desire, you already are. That it all exists within you. You come to realize that you already are that which you want. You start to believe that you can be, do and have anything you desire from within.

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