Saturday, July 10, 2010

It is All About You

It is All About You

The Ego as an Indicator. 

So many times we will hear someone say “It’s not all about you ya know” or the “World does not revolve around you” but it actually does just not in they way some may think it does. If a person is coming from an ago based perspective then their perception is all that matters is them, their desires, wants, or needs. The world exists to feed their ego and thus make them selves feel better, as short lived as that experience is. So they travel from one experience to another looking for the external world to validate them, their thoughts, feelings, desires and so on. From an ego based perspective it is all about the external world, all that resides outside of them or so then think anyway. This perspective is an incomplete understanding of our own creator abilities. They have an innate understanding, as we all do, as to how life is set up here in this physical reality. The human mind when it responds to the external world in fear, the ego is set up as a defense mechanism. While this was useful when humankind was more primitive and less aware, it is often times not needed in this era.

Many who are on a spiritual journey speak of the ego as a bad thing and how one must overcome it, rail against it, lessen its grip or hold over one. We prefer to think of the ego as an indicator. As an indicator it is telling you something so that you become more aware and are able to shift your perspective more to the center of self. The problem with the ego though is that it can blind one from seeing clearly. Because the ego has it roots in fear it is sometimes easier to address the fear rather than the ego reaction. The ego reaction is just telling you that you are reacting to some fear and are trying to protect yourself from an unknown danger. This ego reaction is basic and primal to humankind but when you shift your perspective on it, you can begin to see the role of the ego in a whole new light and your fear reactions become less severe. When you react in fear and you become aware of your ego reaction it is an opportunity for more awareness and a greater understanding of who you really are. It is in this fashion the ego and ego reactions are indicators for you.

If you do not feel very good about yourself, feel some level of powerlessness, your ego will tell you otherwise. It shows up as conceit, egotistical or narcissism in extreme forms. Your ego becomes your protection from the feelings you have. It puts a wall around them. However, on an energy level you still have those vibrations that reflect how you feel about yourself. You then have the energy of the thoughts that come from your ego protective state. Your reality becomes a reflection of these energies, the interplay of these energies that the Law of Attraction reflects back at you.

This protective state becomes difficult to maintain and one experiences a crash and the feelings underneath come flooding out. This experience is an opportunity to shift ones focus, expand ones perspective so that ones vibration and frequencies will raise and create a new reality as the result.

You can break your cycle once you realize that the ego is just an indicator of beliefs based in fear.

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