Monday, July 19, 2010

What do you Expect?

Expectation is closely related to knowing. It is a stepping stone to being in a state of knowing. It is more than being hopeful and certainly leads to experiencing more joy. There is much to be said for feeling a positive expectation. There is also much misunderstood about having a positive expectation.

Positive expectation means that you are looking forward, with a positive view point, towards the manifestation of a desire. Ones thoughts, perspective, beliefs and emotions all need to reflect this positive expectation. That is the real trick to experiencing a positive expectation. If you have a positive a positive expectation you also must allow yourself to experience that expectation.

Where we all get tripped up is we tend to be afraid to allow this because we do not want to be disappointed. Once that occurs, because of the way the Law of Attraction works, you will experience disappointment because that is where you have placed your focus. You thoughts, beliefs and emotions reflect not wanting to be disappointed which means you are focused on disappointment. Your focus needs to be placed on what you want to positively expect.

You can say you expect that a certain desire will manifest but if you believe otherwise, think otherwise and feel otherwise then you will manifest otherwise. Then when you experience disappointment as a result you say it was because you expected the desire to manifest and it did not. It is not the expectation that is the root of the disappointment. It is because of the fears that limited and blocked you from allowing yourself to experiencing the positive expectation of the desire manifesting.

Sometimes we have desires and positive expectations for others and in doing so experience disappointment when that desire does not manifest. There are several reasons for this. The first is we can only create for ourselves. The Law of Attraction responds to you and the energy and vibrations of what you are believing, thinking and feeling. When we have desires for another we tend to place that expectation on them and expect them to create what we desire for them. When they do not, we become disappointed and hurt. There are times when we have expectation and desires for another just so we can feel better.

It is ok and in fact a “good thing” to have positive expectations. Just release the emotional attachment to the outcome or result. Allow yourself to experience positive expectations as your stepping stone to being in a state of knowing. Release fears, shift the thoughts and beliefs that limit and block you and you will be able to experience positive expectations and manifest that which you desire.

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